My  name is Devonne, but feel free to call me Dee. I am an incredibly passionate personal trainer, I have been certified as a personal trainer since 2014.

I help my clients lose body fat build muscle and develop healthy habits 

During my teenage years, I participated in various sports.  I developed a passion for kickboxing travelling around the country climbing up the leader  board and becoming  national champion So fitness has been with me most of my life. 

As life went on working various Jobs. Creating a family and a home, working split shifts led to years of physical inactivity. 

 In 2003  I rediscovered the gym and, shortly after, took up running. This experience completely transformed my life. In less than a year, I completed three half marathons, and eventually went on to support Cancer Research  through my running endeavours. In 2015, I closed my recycling business down  to pursue my dream of becoming a personal trainer. Subsequently, I established my own gym, Purity Gym was born.

I am immensely proud of my accomplishments over the past few years, and I am here to assist you in achieving your fitness goals, no matter how big or small. With my personal experiences and qualifications, I am well-equipped to inspire you to make positive changes in your life, be it weight loss, conquering a  sports challenge, or adopting a healthy lifestyle.

As a qualified and insured Level 3 Personal Trainer, Exercise Specialist,  Fitness, and Motivation Coach, Gym Instructor, DBS checked, I possess the necessary skills and expertise to guide you safely and effectively towards achieving your fitness objectives.

If you are in search of a personal trainer in Telford or Shrewsbury, you have come to the right place.  Contact me today to schedule a consultation with Me. If you see me around  stop to say Hi. 



1-2-1 Sessions

With me being your  personal trainer I will  offer you  invaluable tools, unwavering support, expert knowledge, and a meticulously crafted plan of action.

Empower yourself with a dedicated professional who will propel you towards success.

With me as your personal trainer, you’ll witness remarkable results in no time. I will curate a bespoke program tailored precisely to your needs, ensuring faster and more efficient progress.

Regardless of your fitness level, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, having a skilled fitness coach on your side will benefit you immensely.

Don’t wait any longer – take the first step towards a better you. Contact me today and let’s get started!



Please take a moment to explore my wide range of classes, designed to cater to everyone’s needs.

Take a moment to dive into my diverse array of group fitness classes, crafted to cater to all your needs. From strength and cardio sessions to high-intensity 30-minute HIIT workouts for those on a tight schedule, there’s something for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

Discover the numerous health benefits that await you, ranging from physical transformations like increased fitness, weight loss, and enhanced strength and flexibility, to mental well-being, including stress reduction, improved self-esteem, and boosted confidence.

Explore my morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

specially tailored for individuals over 60. Get ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier and more energized you!


1-2-1 Personal Training

Working on your fitness is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

With 1-on-1 personal training tailored to your specific abilities, I can help you reach all your fitness goals in no time.

I will guide and motivate you every step of the way and ensure that your commitment pays off in real tangible results. 

I make sure that all my  clients enjoy  every single session to get out 100% out every single time. are  Ready to take charge of your health?

Let’s get started — book now !!!




Online Coaching

My mission with online coaching is to simplify the fitness journey so that you can make progress towards the body and lifestyle you envision.

Online coaching doesn’t mean missing out on a great workout or not achieving those fitness goals. It has proven itself as easy to use, saves time, and provides results quickly. 

By providing personal training sessions customised for you whether it’s in-person or online, I strive to create an environment where every client feels supported and motivated to reach their goals.  

So if you’re serious about wanting to make a change – DM me for help and start your journey towards total transformation today! 



If you are looking to step up your fitness goals or just get back on track, the workout plans offered here can help. 

This is entirely personalised and tailored to your needs by me, so it can go at the pace that you need and be as hands-on as you like.

With access to my private Fitness Hub, clients will be able to upload photographs, input weights & measurements, scan all foods to monitor their calorie intake, and synchronised this data with their daily activities.

All of this will remain secure and confidential between us. Take advantage of this opportunity and reach out to me for help or book now!