Believe it or not, HIIT STEP is the only thing that will get you a bangin’ body in just 30 minutes. You’ll be experiencing more power, gaining more strength and definitely feeling like your favourite superhero afterwards.

I promise you won’t regret it – so why wait? Go ahead and add HIIT STEP to your fitness routine and take your workout game up a notch!  

HIIT step is a style of aerobic step exercise class that takes advantage of the high-intensity benefit of HIIT training. During a HIIT step class, you’ll use a box, bench, or step to step up and down, jump, lunge, and more. Generally, workouts are lower body-based since many of the movements are with your legs.


Vibe Cycle

Vibe Cycle is a great fun workout, everyone can ride a bike! Each participant is in total control of their own resistance level. It is a fantastic way of getting fit and burning plenty of calories!