About me

Hi everyone, welcome to my website.

I am Devonne Hannington (DEE) , I’m 50 years old  and I born and raised in Telford.

I have been involved in the fitness industry for the past 30 years.
During that time, I have been both a client and a personal trainer, so I know first hand, how Personal Training feels, especially for first timers!
Since the beginning of my fitness journey I was involved with kick boxing from the age of 18 years old.
I eventually rose to become the

UK National Champion – holding the title for 12 months. 
This event lead to an avid interest in my personal training future and that has developed my interest in helping others.
I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Coach based in Telford, in my own facilities based in Wellington.
My training philosophy is train hard and the results will follow!



Body Transformation

Body Transformation is the art and technique to create noticeable body shape changes in both strength and appearance.

This can only be achieved with a combination of high intense Personal Training Programming along with nutritional and dietary advice.

My area of expertise is in body transformation ranging from weight loss, Specific Strength Training, Extreme Sport Conditioning

Not to mention the fact your having fun too!!

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Personal Training Packages

What is Personal Training?

This is a form of training developed too create the optimum in fitness and health based on an individual client and Your Personal Trainer.

What is the difference between Personal Training and Gym Use?

The majority of people are Gym users who use a gym with a limited knowledge of exercise technique, Perfectly acceptable for the general gym use but not individuals wishing to make meaningful progress

A personal Trainer will create bespoke programme, will motivate, encourage and achieve fitness and strength levels which a gym user can only dream of.

Everyone can afford a Personal Trainer

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Cycle – Spin Classes

There a number of forms of Cycle classes I specialise in Vibe Cycle A concept of high intensity spinning to loud music in a nightclub atmosphere a guaranteed calorie burner.

Classic Spin Class  – for the more traditional cyclist wishing to develop muscle growth in a controlled indoor group environment.

whatever the weather be confident that your cycle program wont suffer.

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Spray Tanning

For a healthy appearance and looking great look for any occasion a professionally applied spray tan that is the next best thing to a natural tan

Utilising the latest equipment and applied correctly a spray tan should last up to ten days of full colour.

A Traditional 60 tube stand up Topaz sunbed is also available

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